To Our Loving Parents

(Who have fallen a little behind)

We love you, and wanted to thank you for raising us in a caring and loving environment. You taught us to show compassion for others. You supported us when we showed kindness to strangers. You corrected us when we said things that would be offensive to our teachers or friends. You demonstrated for us what it means to be a supporter and ally. And you taught us that the state of justice in this world is not where it should be and that you have worked hard building towards the world as it should be. You let us into this project not from the bottom, but from the top of your own achievements, and we charged forward with the vigor of youth.

  1. Thanks to you befriending, dating and marrying People of Color, it has become so common place as to not even be noteworthy. In fact: It’s now seen as regressive to call out that you have Black Friends as a something that sets you apart.
  2. Because of your bravery to head into that on the “wrong side of town” to party and appreciate mixed culture and music, it’s now common place to work and play in diverse environments. In fact, it’s gotten so common: It’s now seen as regressive to call attention to the presence of a minority group in a public place.
  3. Because of your celebration and sharing of the work of minority authors and artists, we have been able to spend much more time listening to the perspectives of people of color, share in their suffering, and appreciate just how privileged we are. In fact: It’s now considered regressive for a white person to respond to the communal suffering of People of Color by providing an anecdote of their own.
  4. Because of your successful and specific protest of the Vietnam war, marching for women's rights, and protests for Black Rights, we were able to see the value and power that can come when those in the majority who have a louder voice march arm in arm alongside those who are suffering the worst. In fact: It’s now seen as regressive to amend a targeted message like “Black Lives Matter”, with one that includes the majority group like “All Lives Matter”

Kevin Lohman, Software Engineer, Father, Story Teller, and former US Navy Sailor (who never set foot on a ship)

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