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3 min readFeb 16, 2022

Hello, it’s likely that if you are seeing this you’ve become a new follower. I’ve used this Medium account as a dumping ground for writings, musings, and how-to guides after trying to tangle one too many times with my own various WordPress installations. Somewhere along the way I checked the box to be a “Partner” and some small checks (Maybe $100 / year) started to roll in. Recently, I was notified that unless I do the like, subscribe and follow hustle, Mama Medium was going to cut me off. So, here we are.

Like, Follow, Subscribe, Hit the Bell, Swipe Right, Friend, Retweet and fist bump

For the foreseeable future, I will be re-following all my followers so if you haven’t already please give follow for follow :) But for those who actually might be interested in my content, I’d like to help point to a few things in this catch-all of a blog, as well as provide some “Friend Links” to the articles to save you on monthly views if you are on a free account.


I’m a big fan of sci-fi and fantasy fiction, and have begun writing a series called Windfall, with about 8 “chapters” finished so far. Not my most popular content, but closest to my heart. Read the first chapter, and each following chapter contains links to the next :)


I’ve been an iOS software engineer for over 10 years, currently at Apple, but previously at Facebook, Startups, and my own small App Boutique shop that I ran in Hawaii. Despite doing Software for most of my working hours, tinkering with software remains a major hobby for me, and I’ve posted a few articles that have gotten traction in that vein:

  • PGE Wall: Details about a tool I wrote that allows you to import your electric usage data and estimate savings provided by adding Solar or Tesla Power wall batteries to your home. This is a full “simulator” that actually factors in hourly usage, rates, and battery capacity to determine as close as possible to the real savings and how many years for return on investment.
  • Hasura authentication with Firebase: A howto for using Hasura (a cool tool for quickly leveraging Graphql in your webapps) with Firebase (a common and initially free host for webapps)
  • Defending against bots: Wrote while I was working at a company that made gait based authentication solutions, but relevant still to understanding the problem websites face when they enter the crosshairs of bad actors.

Tinkering / Hacking

Often with a software bent, but not always, I post (and will continue to post) about updates to the RV, Raspberry Pi hacks, and Home Automation stuff that I’m into.


My most viewed, but least invested article is one on playing Gacha games on iOS. Feel free to join the revenue stream.




Kevin Lohman, Software Engineer, Father, Story Teller, and former US Navy Sailor (who never set foot on a ship)