I asked ChatGPT to create a new M:TG set

And It’s disturbingly good…



Sitting around, I had a “brilliant” idea… What if we were to use Generative AI to make an entirely new “Release” for Magic the Gathering? As it turns out, like most ideas it was hardly new, and a little digging around led me to the comically bad RoboRosewater.


And even some brave souls hilariously drafting the poorly generated cards:

The cards are totally unrelated to eachother, have totally baffling rulesets, and in general are a fun chaotic mess to watch people draft. This did get me thinking however, AI has come a long way since Rosewater, why not use ChatGPT to thoughtfully generate M:TG… let’s call it G:PT. And so I started out with the goal of providing as little curation or inspiration to ChatGPT, and it understood the assignment.

Welcome to:


Plane Name: Luminara

Plane Characteristics:

Luminara is a world where light and shadow are tangible forces, intertwining and constantly in flux.

The plane consists of multiple biomes that have evolved based on the balance of light and shadow within them. For instance, regions with more light boast radiant flora and fauna, while shadow-dominant regions feature more elusive, ethereal beings.

The plane’s core emits a perpetual, radiant energy known as Lumis. This energy is harnessed by the inhabitants in various ways — powering cities, enchantments, and even beings themselves.


Luminara was once a balanced world…




Kevin Lohman, Software Engineer, Father, Story Teller, and former US Navy Sailor (who never set foot on a ship)