Dear Trump Supporting Friends, It’s time to talk

This post was written as a conversation starter, an olive branch. The US is embroiled in a divisive propaganda war, and based on this most recent election it is remarkably clear that there are over 70 million people out there who believe in a completely different truth than another 70 million people. It is my hope that with discussion we can sort the out the truth from lies and in doing so, we can once again share our hopes for the future with each other. It is my fear that distance is already too far for many and that many Trump supporters will stop right here, or their non-trump supporting friends will not share this because we are exhausted from the fight so far or already see the other side as non-human. Please, read the prompt below and reach out. Hopefully it was shared to you by someone who you share an emotional bond with, otherwise I encourage you to reach out to your non-trump supporting friends and have the conversation below with them.

Hi Trump Supporting (Friend / Family Member)! As you are probably already aware from my social media posts, I’ve been pretty unhappy with some of the changes in our federal governance over the last 4 years. Maybe we’ve had some escalating arguments over that time, or maybe you choose to “stay out of it” and are just in it to stay connected. Whatever the reason, and whether or not there is much hope of things changing in 2021, or even resuming a reasoned dialogue after all this time, I’ve decided that it is once again time to try and have a conversation to achieve mutual understanding if not agreement. Thanks for taking the time to talk with me, I value our relationship.

First I want to establish our shared humanity. I believe we both want safety, security, and prosperity. We both want to ensure the safety and security of others, and to reduce suffering. And we both would like to have a healthy relationship going forward.

I believe our disagreements are because we no longer share the same “Truths” about what is going on in the world, and that it’s this disagreement that has pushed us farther apart over the last 4 years. I’ve provided here a list of things I believe to be true. I have chosen this list because at some point or another the Trump Administration has declared them to be lies, are defensible with fact and reference, and that only by believing that these truths are “Fake News” is it possible to be supportive of the Trump Administration.

For the sake of productivity, I’d ask that you choose one of them that you believe to be false, and reach out to me directly, Change My Mind:

Neither Joe Biden or Kamala Harris are a Marxist or a Socialist

Joe Biden is not going to take away your guns

Joe Biden is not pro late term abortion

Donald Trump is not “Doing the best he can” in regards to COVID-19

Black Lives Matter protesters aren’t aiming to burn your home, and don’t want white genocide

Immigrants are less likely to commit violent crime than natural born citizens

Donald Trump is not good for the US Economy

Donald Trump is a sociopath (Cares only for himself and his own goals)

Donald Trump is currently trying to subvert the will of the American Voter

Donald Trump has lost the 2020 Election, and is now staging a Coup to subvert Democracy and the will of a majority of Americans.

Finally, if you agree all of the above are true, then let me know how all of that can be true and yet Trump was still the best choice to run the country?

Feel any of these to be hard to defend? Comment with the viewpoint and challenging facts below and let’s discuss! Change my mind.

Kevin Lohman, Software Engineer, Father, Story Teller, and former US Navy Sailor (who never set foot on a ship)

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