Congrats like I’m 5

1 min readJan 31, 2023

Was feeling kind of unproductive at my software job on Friday (happens sometimes), and I had a website idea and sat down / coded it over the weekend. About 20 hours later I’ve got a good start, and I thought I’d toot my own horn here for a second because I’m pretty proud.

For non-techies:

I wrote a full stack web page, that provides End-to-End encrypted chat and I’m stoked that it’s working.

For the techies:

  • NextJS / React / Bootstrap
  • Typescript / eslint
  • Hasura / Postgres database backend
  • Custom credential extension of NextAuth using tweetnacl (sodium library wrapper), with client only private keys, signed timestamp based authentication tokens
  • Public / Private key box system for sharing common secret for encrypting messages. Private keys never touch server so no ability for anyone except recipients to read messaging.
  • Realtime chat using Hasura subscriptions
giveakr “Give a Care”

Anyway, that is all.




Kevin Lohman, Software Engineer, Father, Story Teller, and former US Navy Sailor (who never set foot on a ship)