Closed doors WOTC Sheoldred:TA Brainstorm

2 min readSep 13, 2023


A: Okay, let’s make some cards for Dominaria United. This is a Brainstorm, so remember there are no bad ideas.
B: Sure. Creatures first?
A: Okay, I’d like one that is a solid body for 4 mana.
B: Ah so like a 4/4?

A: Yeah, no, I think I want it to be tougher. 4 health is too easy to kill.
B: Well, we’ve never made a vanilla 4/5 for 4 mana, but sure. Just have to think of the right downside. Maybe Defender?

A: Na, I want it to be able to attack.
B: Hmm, so we should give it some kind of a downside to balance? Like one of these?

A: I don’t want it to suck. Let’s just go with Legendary
B: Okay, there is a little precedent for that, what’s it’s cool power?
A: I was thinking life drain.
B: Ah like Anje?




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