Sometime before COVID came in, we decided to remodel our home, and in the process ended up upgrading our solar panels. This left me with a pile of 230W Sunpower solar panels with no proper home. I gave a few to my Dad for his RV, kept a pair of them for myself and sold the rest on Facebook. My plan was to mount them on top my Jayco Featherlite camper, to provide a little extra power while camping (play the tunes, keep the lights on) and to keep my battery healthy while it is in storage. …

The Republican Party is a mess right now, but whether they are Business RNC (like Mitch and Co) or Trump Authoritarian RNC (Like Cruz etc) the RNC stand united on one strategy. The same strategy that successfully soured enough voters on Obama Era presidency to put Trump in office.

This strategy depends on one very important lie. One that is thinner now than it was under Obama. “The Democrats control Congress”. If they can make the voter believe this is true, then it’s easy to point the finger and say… “If the DNC controlled congress…

Californians don’t need education, we need fact based restrictions, and real consequences

I’ve never parked in a handicap parking spot. I don’t drive in the HOV lane without the required number of passengers or a valid and up to date permit. I’ve wanted to. And it’s that selfish desire that rages in me whenever I sit in traffic, watching ancient Tacomas with a single bored driver cruise by me as I sit, one lane over, stuck in traffic. Or watching a clearly abled driver slide out of their non-handicap marked BMW and step inside the store while I continue to circle the lot.

My family and I live in Santa Clara County…

1/12 — Regional travel ban lifted

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a government official, or a medical professional. Is I’ve cited below, there are a half dozen different agencies involved in travel restrictions at the moment, and these restrictions are time sensitive, and can change on a daily basis. This document is provided for informational purposes only.

If you are planning on, or have planned a ski trip to South Lake Tahoe for January 2021, there have been some recent developments that may halt your plans :(

Bookings in Nevada are still being allowed as the state has different rules. …

But you can fix it: How to be the hero that saves the company hundreds of thousands of dollars!

If you work at a large enough company, you are likely to have been on the receiving end of a Mass Email distribution chain:

Look familiar?

Now there are a number of ways to solve this problem on an individual basis:

  • Add a server rule that deletes or moves the unwanted messages automatically based on recipients (depending on how your company servers email)
  • Add a local rule to do the same (on your mobile client)
  • Mute the specific thread
  • Ignore / delete the messages on an individual basis

All of these will save you various amounts of time, most are worth the…

TL;DR Maybe not intentionally, but absolutely

First, I’m going to disclose that I’m pretty biased here. I’m a former Facebook engineer (2 years on main FB News Feed iOS product) and I’ve been a software engineer for over a decade. I live in Silicon Valley and voted for Joe Biden.

That being said, I try to look at ground truth, and while I use Facebook, and vote Democrat — I have major public complaints and feedback about each, I think it is healthy to recognize what you prefer as well as what is going on. I do love to download any new mobile iOS app to…

This post was written as a conversation starter, an olive branch. The US is embroiled in a divisive propaganda war, and based on this most recent election it is remarkably clear that there are over 70 million people out there who believe in a completely different truth than another 70 million people. It is my hope that with discussion we can sort the out the truth from lies and in doing so, we can once again share our hopes for the future with each other. It is my fear that distance is already too far for many and that many…

If you are interested in boating while at South Lake Tahoe there are a few options.


The easiest way, but will be $$. For a good portion of the year Boats and Jet Skis are available to rent from various Marina near south lake.

Ski Run Marina is close to town, and various resorts (Like Lakeland Resort) and allows for rental of Jet Ski’s, and Boats. Expect to pay a few hundred dollars for most rentals, depending on the size of the boat and the amount of time rented.


If you have your own boat or Jet Ski it can…

King’s Throne: Game of Lust


TL;DR — I’m an iOS software developer who loves Idle Games, and this guide is a way to do min/max victory in Kings Throne without having to shell out $$

Okay, a little preface, since this is the first time I’ve written any kind of strategy guide. I’ve been a long time fan of “Idle” games (back before they were called Idle games on iOS 4+) — This are iOS games that require you to periodically return to the game to tap something, and generally involve strategies that involve a lot of unit conversion. Not exciting normally in the traditional…

Chapter 8 of a multipart fantasy serial, new chapter every week, mostly.


If the clock on the computer was right, Patricia started reading the BBS posts at around 11pm Friday night. The zTerm app had dialed into some sort of civilian network of “preppers” and survivalists. Based on her reading, this particular “Node” was in Colorado Springs, and regularly connected to the other network nodes to copy and share messages in the BBS, or bulletin board service. There were messages posted by “Stations”, bunkers like this one, as well as automatically copied messaging from various military networks, including Cheyenne Mountain.


Kevin Lohman, Software Engineer, Father, Story Teller, and former US Navy Sailor (who never set foot on a ship)

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